Teaching support server of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology

This server is a predecessor of Studia3 server and works on the same data so it can be still safely used. But new features will be added only on new serwer so it is suggested to use new server. Encountered problems please report to: studia2@elka.pw.edu.pl More informations about this server ...


The server Studia has been changed. Prototype server Studia3 was promoted to be default server Studia (without a number) while previous default server will remain accessible only as Studia2. Operation of both servers will not be changed at this moment. Both will be maintained but new functions will be added only on new server Studia3.

Pages related to teaching process.
Schedule Schedule for current academic year (polish).
Calendar Calendar for current semester.
Plan Individual plan for current semester.
Session Schedule for exams in current year.
Pages for lectures, exercises, labs, etc.
Public Pages with unlimited access.
Limited Pages accessible for students and staff members only.
Individual Custom pages generated individually for each student and staff member.
Logout If you have problems accessing the server try to log out and log in again.
Other publicly accessible pages.
Network Information about computer network of the FEIT.
Documentation Useful documentation
Software Software for students and staff members.
STUDIA2 FEIT server 2011.06.30  Comments: studia2@elka.pw.edu.pl