Teaching support server of the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technology

Remarks and explanations related to the server studia.elka.pw.edu.pl

Login and logout.
  1. This server does not support automatic logout. To logout You have to close ALL windows of the web browser. Closing of the current window is not enough!
  2. To log in to the server it is necessary to supply correct login name and password as used for one of the servers: elektron.elka.pw.edu.pl or mion.elka.pw.edu.pl
  1. Starting from semester 11L separate versions of teaching materials are kept for different semesters. It means that in every semester it is necessary to upload them again.
  2. To use materials from previous semester responsible person has to use: Copy from previous semester function in every subdirectory priv, pub, lim.
  3. Server will keep materials from last three semesters (including current semester).
  4. For students (as previously) materials will be accessible only during the semester.
Access from outside of WUT.
  1. This server is accessible without any restrictions 24h.
Remarks and problems.
  1. Any encountered problems please report to: studia2@elka.pw.edu.pl We regret for any problems.